rené magritte


For the opening of the exhibition The treachery of images 

On the brilliant Belgium painter's work René Magritte,

I had the pleasure to collaborate with The Centre Georges Pompidou.

Paris, Sept. 2016


René Magritte

Clouds are a recurring subject in its work. Here the cloud-swept blue sky filling the letters refers to its painting The False Mirror, a giant eye in which clouds take the place normally occupied by the iris.

The letter "e" is humorously smoking a pipe, the same as the one of its very famous picture quoted "This is not a pipe".



Do you know this man?

An anonym call from a bowler-hatted man with a floating apple in front of his face. Obviously, the choice of an iPhone refers to the apple. A close-up on the hand holding it is intended to involve mentally the viewer as if he was actually holding the phone. And the wallpaper represents a painting called The Son of a Man, originally intended to be a self-portrait of Magritte.