Logo worK


We are born problem solvers.

We are compelled to deduce and to deduct. 

It is this well-organized absence of information that draws us in.

That is why we do feel the need to seek meaning in images.

And logos as images should always provide the right dose of information,

In order to let the viewer complete the sentence and fill it in.


Rosita P.

Special commission for Dr. Rosita P.

Not for sale



Any kind of relations between France and Japan expressed here in a clean and concise visual.

For sale


RDD initials

I like that the inner space of the letters communicate their presence to the world. Going beyond exterior appearances and focusing on the interiority of things, their inner source of meaning and life. That's what makes a person so unique.

For sale


Nine hours

Clear thoughts are easier to remember. And the clearest possible visual is when there is nothing more to take away. As designer John Maeda says "simplicity is about substracting the obvious and adding the meaningful".

For sale



My best profile.

Not for sale




Personal logo. A minimalism of my initials. Colors have been carefully selected and inspired by the wonderful work of James Turrell.

Not for sale




Personal copyright seal (former logo). A combination of the three primary geometric forms. Woke up with that in mind one day. Colors have been inspired from a Nasa photograph of Earth.

Not for sale